Axis Model

Our model Axis is part of the family of textile architecture. These products are structures with special architectural forms, meant for organizing unique events. By adding textile architecture to your location, it will gain new expressiveness.

From the arrangement of the folds to the tensioned surface, from the lightness of translucent textiles to the countless variety of formative structures. Textile architecture opens the door to a dynamic interaction between space and open space. In fact, there are few products in the world with this kind of shapes and design. They are true pieces of art that for sure will make any owner proud of.

We have developed several models that can be seen in this category. Each model can be adapted to the location of the assembly and can be personalized with the client’s ideas and wishes. The only condition to build this type of tents is to have a minimum surface of 600sqm.
These products are permanent structures, very safe, and engineered to withstand any weather condition. Each product has its own structural engineering project made by a specialist with studies in the domain of tensile structures. There are only few people in the whole world with this type of degree. We kindly advise any client who wants to build such a structure to be aware of the importance of having the right project created by the right specialists in this domain.


• one of the world’s most extraordinary shapes
• highly resistant to extreme weather conditions
• all-year functionality

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The dimensions of the architectural membrane structures are individual. They can differ depending on the location of the assembly and the desired capacity.

Technical data

Metal Structure: Modular, metallic structure, easy to extend if needed

Can be manufactured with different materials:

  • Structural steel lattice beams – lightweight structure
  • Rectangular steel profiles – heavy structure
  • Aluminum profiles – most lightweight structure, recommended for temporary covers

The standard coating is paint with a dark grey color. Other options are powder- or zinc coating.

The columns are anchored with different fixing elements, depending on the loads.

It’s engineered to resist to the extreme weather conditions in the location of its assembly, in accordance to the European standards: SR EN 13182/2015 and SR EN 15619/2014.

Structural engineering project of the metal structure: All our metal structures are manufactured after a structural engineering project which is verified and proved accordingly.

All our tents have the resistance of a normal building and are safe constructions, manufactured specifically for the region where they are being assembled.

Textile cover: We use a double sided PVC coated fabric with the following properties:

  • flame retardant B-s2-d0
  • resistance to temperatures from -40C to +70C
  • total weight from 650 g/m² to 730 g/m² (depending on the project)
  • tear resistance warp/weft from 250 N to 300 N
  • tensile strength warp/weft from 2500N/5m to 3000N/5cm
  • water column > 900mm
Components of the textile cover:
  • 1 roof ceiling
  • 2 side walls
  • 2 end walls
  • 1 sliding door from the same PVC material as the tent cover
Textile fabric We only use materials imported from the company Mehler Texnologies GmbH Germany.

The fabrics have different properties and qualities. We use standard materials with an approx. lifetime of 14 years. On request, we can also use special materials with a warranty of 20 years and an approx. lifetime of over 35 years.

Color: White RAL 9010


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